For the purchase of the laptop?

I want to buy the LENOVO THINKPAD T470S. But I want to know can I buy it without ram and a hard disk?
What will be the final price of the  LENOVO THINKPAD T470S?


  • Hello Syed

    Thank you for your question.

    Sadly we do not sell any laptops without ram and hard disk.
    The only thing you can do is to increase the amount of ram and hard disk on our products. 😀

    Kind regards
  • Hi i just purchased and i didnt if i do it successfully.How can i see the status of my purchased?
  • Hello Angile

    Thank you for your contact.

    Normally you would get an email with a confirmation with order number.
    I have checked into your email, and sadly i cannot see that you have an active order.

    Kind regards
  • Hi
    I made an order 6 days ago and would like to check its status.
    Note: I tried to log in to customer portal, I requested resetting my password, but I'm getting a message saying "Salasanan palauttamissähköpostia ei voitu lähettää"
  • Hello Ahmad

    Thank you for your contact.

    Regarding your order i have checked and it is going to get sent today towards you. 😀
    I will take the information to the responsible department regarding the error that you are recieving.

    Kind regards
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